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Mrs. Olga Martín Belloso

Category: Professor

Knowledge area: Food Technology

Contact details

Office: Campus ETSEA, Edifici 2, planta 3, despatx 3.12
Phone.: (+34) 973 70 2593
Fax: (+34) 973 70 2596

Researcher ID: B-8281-2011
Orcid code: 0000-0002-7027-6972

Academic background

PhD in Chemistry from the University of Zaragoza (1991)

Degree in Chemistry from the University of Zaragoza (1983)

Other relevant information

▪         Responsible for consolidated research group (2017SGR1083) Innovative Technologies for obtaining Ingredients and Food Products.

▪         Responsible for the research group Novel technologies for food processing.

▪         Director of the Doctoral School of the University of Lleida.

▪         President of the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST)

▪         Member of the Executive Committee of the Nonthermal Processing Division of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT-NPD) in the USA.

▪         Vice President of the International Society of Food Engineering (ISFE).

▪         Ambassador to Spain from the Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI).

Currículum Vitae

Adjuntar pdf (opcinal).


Teaching subjects in the following studies:

-  Degree in Food Science and Technology

   ▪ Processing technology of plant based foods. I (code 102584). Coordinator (


-  Degree in Food Engineering

   ▪ Processing technology of plant based foods. I (code 102584). Coordinator (


-  Master in Management and Innovation in the Food Industry

   ▪ Quality management and innovation (code 13115). Coordinator (

   ▪ Minimally processed fruit and vegetables (code 13107) (


Area of research: Novel technologies for food processing

Relevant publications (2018):

  1. Morales-de la Peña, M.; Rosas-González, M.C.; Martín-Belloso, O.; Welti-Chanes, J. Changes in bioactive compounds concentration and physicochemical properties of mango smoothies treated by ultrasound. Revista Mexicana de Ingeniería Química. 17(1), 131-144. 2018
  2. González-Casado, S.; Martín-Belloso, O.; Elez-Martínez, P.; Soliva-Fortuny, R. Enhancing the carotenoid content of tomato fruit with pulsed electric field treatments: effects on respiratory activity and quality attributes. Postharvest Biology and Technology. 137, 113-118. 2018
  3. Valdivia-Nájar, C.G.; Martín-Belloso, O.: Soliva-Fortuny, R.Impact of pulsed light treatments and storage time on the texture quality of fresh-cut tomatoes. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies. 45. 29-35. 2018.
  4. García-Parra, J.; González-Cebrino, F.; Delgado-Adámez, J.; Cava, R.; Martin-Belloso, O.; Elez-Martinez, P.; Ramirez, R. Application of innovative technologies, moderate-intensity pulsed electric fields and high-pressure thermal treatment, to preserve and/or improve the bioactive compounds content of pumpkin. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies. 45, 53-61. 2018.
  5. Tejada-Ortigoza, V.A.; Garcia-Amezquita, L.E.; Serna-Saldívar, S.E.; Martín-Belloso, O.; Welti-Chanes, J. High hydrostatic pressure and mild heat treatments for the modification of orange peel dietary fiber: effects on hygroscopic properties and functionality. Food and Bioprocess Technology. 11, 110-121. 2018.
  6. Salinas-Roca, B.; Guerreiro, A.; Welti-Chanes, J.; Antunes, D.M.; Martín-Belloso, O. Improving quality of fresh-cut mango using polysaccharide-based edible coatings. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. 53(4), 938–945. 2018.
  7. Acevedo-Fani, A.; Soliva-Fortuny, R.; Martin-Belloso, O. Photo-protection and controlled release of folic acid using food-grade alginate/chitosan nanolaminates . Journal of Food Engineering. 229, 72-82. 2018.
  8. Artiga-Artigas, M.; Guerra-Rosas, M.I.; Salvia-Trujillo, L.; Martín-Belloso, O. Influence of essential oils and pectin on nanoemulsion formulation: a ternary phase experimental approach. Food Hydrocolloids. 81, 209-219. 2018.
  9. Salinas-Roca, B.; Soliva-Fortuny, R.; Welti-Chanes, J.; Martín-Belloso, O. Effect of pulsed light and edible coating on the phenolic profile and antioxidant potential of fresh-cut mango. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. 42(5). Art. e13591, 1-9. 2018
  10. González-Casado, S.; Martín-Belloso, O.; Elez-Martínez, P.; Soliva-Fortuny, R. Application of pulsed electric fields to tomato fruits for enhancing the bioaccessibility of carotenoids in derived products. Food and Function. 9, 2282-2289. 2018
  11. Morales-de la Peña, M.; Salinas-Roca, B.; Escobedo-Avellaneda, Z.; Martín-Belloso, O.; Welti-Chanes, J. Effect of high hydrostatic pressure and temperature on enzymatic activity and quality attributes in mango puree varieties (cv. Tommy Atkins and Manila). Food and Bioprocess Technology. An International Journal 11, 1211-1221. 2018.
  12. González-Casado, S.; Martín-Belloso, O.; Elez-Martínez, P.; Soliva-Fortuny, R. In vitro bioaccessibility of colored carotenoids in tomato derivatives as affected by ripeness stage and the addition of different types of oil. Journal of Food Science. 83(5), 1404-1411. 2018.
  13. Avalos-Llano, K.; Martín-Belloso, O.; Soliva-Fortuny, R. Effect of pulsed light treatments on quality and antioxidant properties of fresh-cut strawberries. Food Chemistry. 264, 393-400. 2018.
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  17. González-Casado, S.; Martín-Belloso, O.; Elez-Martínez, P.; Soliva-Fortuny, R. Induced accumulation of individual carotenoids and quality changes in tomato fruits treated with pulsed electric fields and stored at different post-treatments temperatures. Postharvest Biology and Technology. 146, 117-143. 2018
  18. Teixé-Roig, J.; Oms-Oliu, G.; Velderrain-Rodríguez, G.R.; Odriozola-Serrano , I.; Martín-Belloso, O. The effect of sodium carboxymethylcellulose on the stability and bioaccessibility of anthocyanin water-in-oil-in-water emulsions. Food and Bioprocess Technology. 11(12), 2229-2241. 2018
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  21. Artiga-Artigas, M.; Molet-Rodríguez, A.; Salvia-Trujillo, L.; Martín-Belloso, O. Formation procedure of double emulsions (W1/O/W2) as carriers of hydrophilic and lipophilic active compounds. Food and Bioprocess Technology. 2019
  22. Gasa-Falcón, A.; Odriozola-Serrano, I.; Oms-Oliu, G.; Martín-Belloso, O. Impact of emulsifier nature and concentration on the stability of β-carotene enriched nanoemulsions during in vitro digestion. Food & Function. 2019
Last modified: 15/02/2019
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