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Mrs. Núria Sala

Category: Senior Lecture

Knowledge area: Food Technology

Contact details

Office: ETSEA Campus, Nº 2 building, 3rd floor, 3.03 office.

Phone: 34-973702606


Academic background

-          PhD in Agricultural Engineer (Universitat de Lleida, 1994)

-          Degree in Agricultural Engineer (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 1983)

-          Degree in Technical Agricultural Engineer (Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona, 1977)

Other relevant information

▪         Quality control responsible from DBA (Centre for biotechnological and

           agrofood developments) (

▪         Specialized in the area of mold and mycotoxins. Coordination of Microbiological Interlaboratory Exercices (water).

▪         Member of the Technical Committee of Standardisation CTN 34/SC 4- Food Analysis/ Methods - AENOR


Currículum Vitae

Adjuntar pdf (opcinal).


Teaching subjects inthe following studies:


-          Food Science and Technology (degree)

▪     Food Quality and Safety Management (code 102592) (link)

▪     Food hygiene (code 102225) (link)

▪     Microbiology (code 102214) (link)

▪     Microbiology, parasitology and hygiene practices (code 102227) (link)

-          Animal Health and Science (degree)

▪     Microbiology and Immunology (code 100316)(link)

-          Human nutrition and Dietetics (degree)

▪     Food hygiene (code 100611) (link)

▪     Food Quality and Safety (code 100612) (link)


-          Management and Innovation in the Food Industry (master)

▪     Laboratory Management (code 13101) (link)

▪     Food Safety (code 13102) (link)

▪     Slicing and Packaging (code 13113) (link)


Area of research: Applied Mycology.


Relevant publications (last years):

  1. Gallart-Sirvent P, Yara E, Villorbina G, Balcells M, Sala N, Canela-Garayoa R. 

          Recycling Rhizopus oryzae resting cells as biocatalyst to prepare near eutectic palmitic-stearic acid mixtures from non-edible fat

         Journal of Molecular Catalysis B-Enzymatic (2016) - 1381-1177

       2. Solarte C; Balcells M; Torres M; Sala N; Canela-Garayoa R.

          Preparation of chiral glycerol derivatives using chemoenzymatic approaches

          RSC Advances (2014), 100: 78-83  

       3. Yara-Varón E; Eras J; Torres M; Sala N; Villorbina G; Méndez JJ; Canela-Garayoa R.

          Solvent-free biocatalytic interesterification of acrylate derivatives.

         Catalysis Today (2012), 196: 86-90

       4. Oromí-Farrús M; Eras J; Sala N; Torres M; Canela R.

           Preparation of (S)-1-Halo-2-octanols Using Ionic Liquids and Biocatalysts.

           Molecules (2009), 14: 4275-4283


Last modified: 16/02/2018
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