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Dr. Laura Salvia Trujillo

Category: PhD

Knowledge area: Food Technology

Contact details

Office: Campus ETSEA, Building 2, First floor, 1.09.2 office.
Phone.: (+34) 973 702390


Scopus Author ID: 35778881800

Academic background

- PhD in Agricultural and Food Science and Technology (University of Lleida 27/03/2014)

- Master of Science Degree in Agricultural and Food Production Systems (University of Lleida, 2009)

- Degree in Agricultural Engineering and Minor in Food Technology (University of Lleida, 2008)

Other relevant information

Member of the Novel Food Processing Technologies research unit

Post-doctoral positions

- Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Lleida (Beatriu de Pinós researcher- BdP 2016) (01/10/2017 – 30/09/2019)

- Marie Curie Fellow (IntraEuropean Individual Fellowship IF-EF 654924) at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) (01/10/2015 - 30/09/2017)

- Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Massachusetts (United States of America) (01/04/2014 - 30/09/2015)


Teaching subjects in the following courses:

- Biotechnology (Degree):

Biotechnology for Improving Food Processes and Products (code 101633)

- Human nutrition and Dietetics (Degree)

Nutrition (code 100616)

- Management and Innovation in the Food Industry (Master degree):

Technology for the Production of Convenience Foods (code 13112)


Most relevant publications in the last 5 years:

(1)    Salvia-Trujillo, L.; Verkempinck, S.; Rijal, S.K.; Van Loey, A.; Grauwet, T.; Hendrickx, M. (2019). Lipid nanoparticles with fats or oils containing β-carotene: Storage stability and in vitro digestibility kinetics. Food Chemistry, 278, 396-405

(2)    Salvia-Trujillo, L.; Verkempinck, S.H.E.; Zhang, X.; Van Loey, A.M.; Grauwet, T.; Hendrickx, M.E. (2019). Comparative study on lipid digestion and carotenoid bioaccessibility of emulsions, nanoemulsions and vegetable-based in situ emulsions. Food Hydrocolloids, 87, 119-128

(3)    Salvia-Trujillo, L.; Morales-de la Peña, M.;Rojas-Graü, M.A.; Welti-Chanes, J.; Martín-Belloso, O. (2017). Mineral and fatty acid profile of high intensity pulsed electric fields or thermally treated fruit juice-milk beverages stored under refrigeration. Food Control, 80, 236-243

(4)    Salvia-Trujillo, L.; Verkempinck, S.H.E.; Sun, L.; Van Loey, A.M.; Grauwet, T.; Hendrickx, M.E. (2017). Lipid digestion, micelle formation and carotenoid bioaccessibility kinetics: influence of emulsion droplet size. Food Chemistry, 229 (15), 653-662

(5)    Saliva-Trujillo, L.; Fumiaki, B.; Park. Y.; McClements, D. (2017). Influence of droplet size on the oral bioavailability of vitamin D2: an in vitro and in vivo approach. Food and Function, 8 (2), 767-777

(6)    Saliva-Trujillo, L.; Rojas-Grau, A.; Soliva-Fortuny, McClements, D.J.; Martin-Belloso (2017). Edible nanoemulsions as carriers of active ingredients: a review. Annual Review in Food Science and Technology, 8, 439-466

(7)    Saliva-Trujillo, L.; McClements, D. (2016) Improvement of β-carotene bioaccessibility from dietary supplements by addition of excipient nanoemulsions. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 64 (22), 4639-4647

(8)    Saliva-Trujillo, L.; Martín-Belloso, O.; McClements, D.J. (2016) Excipient Nanoemulsions for Improving Oral Bioavailability of Bioactives. Nanomaterials, 6 (1), 17

(9)    Saliva-Trujillo, L.; McClements, D.J. (2016) Enhancement of lycopene bioaccessibility from tomato juice using excipient emulsions: Influence of lipid droplet size. Food Chemistry, 210, 295-304.

(10)  Salvia-Trujillo, L., Decker, E. A., McClements, D.J. (2016). Influence of an anionic polysaccharide on the physical and oxidative stability of omega-3 nanoemulsions: Antioxidant effects of alginate. Food Hydrocolloids, 52, 690-698

(11)  Salvia-Trujillo, L., McClements, D.J. (2016). Influence of nanoemulsion addition on the stability of conventional emulsions. Food Biophysics, 11 (1), 1-9

(12)  Salvia-Trujillo, L.; Sun, Q.; Um, A.; Park, Y.; McClements, D.J. (2015). In vitro and in vivo study of fucoxanthin bioavailability from nanoemulsion-based delivery systems: Impact of lipid carrier type. Journal of Functional Foods, 17, 293-304

(13)  Salvia-Trujillo, L., Rojas-Graü, M.A., Soliva-Fortuny, R., Martín-Belloso, O. (2015). Use of antimicrobial nanoemulsions as edible coatings: Impact on safety and quality attributes of fresh-cut Fuji apples. Postharvest Biology and Technology, 105, 8-16

(14)  Salvia-Trujillo, L., Rojas-Graü, M.A., Soliva-Fortuny, R., Martín-Belloso, O. (2015). Physicochemical characterization and antimicrobial activity of food-grade emulsions and nanoemulsions incorporating essential oils. Food Hydrocolloids, 43, 547-556

(15)  Salvia-Trujillo, L., Rojas-Graü, M.A., Soliva-Fortuny, R., Martín-Belloso, O. (2014). Formulation of antimicrobial edible nanoemulsions with pseudo-ternary phase experimental design. Food and Bioprocess Technology, 6 (9), 2439-2446

(16)  Salvia-Trujillo, L., Rojas-Graü, M.A., Soliva-Fortuny, R., Martín-Belloso, O. (2014). Impact of microfluidization or ultrasound processing on the antimicrobial activity against Escherichia coli of lemongrass oil-loaded nanoemulsions: a comparison. Food Control 37, 292-297.

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