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Dr. Vicente Sanchis

Category: Professor

Knowledge area: Food Technology

Contact details

Office: Campus ETSEA, Edifici 2, 3 planta, despatx 2.3.2. (per fer el link situar el cursor sobre el correu, cliqueu el boto dret del mouse, aneu a insertar enlace i escriviu el vostre correu, IMPORTANT NO BORRAR EL MAILTO:)
Phone.: (+34) 973 70 2535
Fax: (+34) 973 70 2596

Academic background

- PhD in Biological Sciences (University of Valencia, 1982

- Degree in Biology (University of Valencia, 1977)

Other relevant information

- Head of the Food Technology Department of the Polytechnical University of Catalonia and University of Lleida (1991-95; 2007-2010).

- Head of Board of Reference Network in Food Technology of the Generalitat of Catalonia (2007- )

- Spanish representative in COST 835, agriculturally important mycotoxigenic fungi.

- Member of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Agency of Food Safety (AESAN) (2005-2009). At present he is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Catalonian Agency of Food Safety (ACSA).

- Coordinator of the Mediterranean Network on Food Safety (SAMEFOOD).

- He is a leading international authority on mycotoxins in foods.

- Specialized in the area of filamentous moulds and mycotoxins. Since 1978, over 220 papers and book chapters about this research field has been published. He has coordinated Spanish projects and participated as a leader in 6 EU projects about this research field

Currículum Vitae

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Teaching subjects in the following studies:

- Biotecnology (degree):

▪ Management of Biocompanies and legal and ethical issues (code 101624) 

- Food Science and Technology (degree):

▪ Agrofood Fermentations (code 102257)

▪ Quality management and Food Safety (code 102592)

- Human nutrition and Dietetics (degree):

▪ Quality and Food Safety (code 100612) 

     - Management and Innovation in the Food Industry (master):

▪ Food Safety (code 13102)

▪ Laboratory Management (code 13101)


Area of research: Applied Mycology. Moulds and mycotoxins in food and feed.

Relevant publications (last 5 years):

  1. Vidal, A., Sanchis, V., Ramos, A.J. Marin, S. Thermal stability and kinetics of degradation of deoxynivalenol, deoxynivalenol conjugates and ochratoxin A during baking of wheat bakery products. Food Chemistry 178, 276-286, 2015.
  2. González-Arias, C.A., Piquer-Garcia, I., Marín, S., Sanchis, V. and Ramos, A.J. Bioaccessibility of ochratoxin A from red wine in an in vitro dynamic gastrointestinal model. World Mycotoxin Journal (2015), 8: 107-112.
  3. Crespo-Sempere, A., Estiarte, N., Marín, S., Sanchis, V. and Ramos, A.J. Targeting Fusarium graminearum control via polyamine enzyme inhibitors and polyamine analogues. Food Microbiology (2015), 49: 95-103.
  4. González-Arias, C.A., Benítez-Trinidad, A.B., Sordo, M., Robledo-Marenco, M.L., Medina-Díaz, I.M., Barrón-Vivanco, B.S., Marín, S., Sanchis, V., Ramos, A.J. and Rojas-García, A.E. Low doses of ochratoxin A induce micronucleus formation and delay DNA repair in human lymphocytes. Food and Chemical Toxicology (2014), 74: 249-254.
  5. Vidal, A., Marin, S., Morales, H., Ramos, AJ., Sanchis, V. The fate of deoxynivalenol and ochratoxin A during the breadmaking process, effects of sourdough use and bran content. Food and Chemical Toxicology 68, 53-60, 2014.
  6. Vidal, A., Morales, H., Sanchis, V., Ramos, AJ., Marin, S. Stability of DON and OTA during the breadmaking process and determination of process and performance criteria. Food Control 40, 234-242, 2014.
  7. Marin, S., Ramos, A.J., Cano-Sancho G, Sanchis V. Mycotoxins: Occurrence, toxicology, and and exposure assessment . Food and Chemical Toxicology (2013), 60: 218-237.
  8. Crespo-Sempere, A., Estiarte, N., Marín, S., Sanchis, V. and Ramos, A.J. Propidium monoazide combined with real-time quantitative PCR to quantify viable Alternaria spp. contamination in tomato products. International Journal of Food Microbiology (2013), 165: 214-220.
  9. Garcia-Cela, E., Ramos, A.J., Sanchís, V. and Marín, S. Emerging risk management metrics in food safety: FSO, PO. How do they apply to the mycotoxin hazard? Food Control (2012), 25: 797-808.
  10. García D., Ramos, A.J., Sanchis, V. and Marín, S. Is intraspecific variability of growth and mycotoxin production dependent on environmental conditions? A study with Aspergillus carbonarius isolates. International Journal of Food Microbiology (2011), 144: 432-439.
Last modified: 01/12/2015
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