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Mrs. Merce Torres

Category: Senior lecture.

Knowledge area: Food Technology.

Contact details

Office: Campus ETSEA, Building 2, 3rd floor, 3.03 office.
Phone.: (+34) 973 70 2919
Fax: (+34) 973 70 2596

Academic background

- PhD in Microbiology (University of Barcelona, 1993).

- Degree in Biology (University of Barcelona, 1984).

Other relevant information
        Specialized in the area of filamentous moulds and biocatalysis.

Microbiology area director of dbA (Centre for biotechnological and agrofood developments, )

Currículum Vitae



Teaching subjects in the following studies:

-    Food Science and Technology (degree)

▪     Microbiology (code 102214)

▪     Food Hygiene (code 102225)

▪     Microbiology, parasitology and hygiene practices (code 102227)

-     Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science and Production (doble degree)

▪     Microbiology and Immunology (code 100316)

-     Human nutrition and Dietetics (degree)

▪     Food Hygiene (code 100611)


-     Management and Innovation in the Food Industry (master)

▪     Food safety (code 13102) (link)


Area of research: Applied Mycology. Biocatalysis.

Relevant publications (last 5 years):

Oromí-Farrús M; Torres M; Canela R. Acylation of Chiral Alcohols: A Simple Procedure for Chiral GC Analysis. Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry doi:10.1155/2012/452949 (2012)

Yara-Varón E; Eras J; Balcell M; Torres M; Canela-Garayoa R. Synthesis of poly(ethyl acrylate-co-allyl acrylates) from acrylate mixtures prepared by a continuous solvent-free enzymatic process. RSC Advances 2, 9230-9236 (2012)

Yara-Varón E; Eras J; Torres M; Sala N; Villorbina G; Méndez JJ; Canela R. Solvent-free biocatalytic interesterification of acrylate derivatives. Catalysis Today 196, 86-90 (2012)

Yara-Varón E; Eras J; Torres M; Balcells M; Villorbina G; Canela-Garayoa R. Biocatalytic preparation of dichloropropyl acrylates. Application to the synthesis of poly(dichloropropyl acrylates). Journal of Molecular Catalysis B-Enzymatic 92, 7-13 (2013)

Solarte C; Yara-Varón E; Eras J; Torres M; Balcells M; Canela-Garayoa R. Lipase activity and enantioselectivity of whole cells from a wild-type Aspergillius flavus strain. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B-Enzymatic 100, 78-83 (2014)

Solarte C; Balcells M; Torres M; Sala N; Canela-Garayoa R. Preparation of chiral glycerol derivatives using chemoenzymatic approaches. RSC Advances 4, 34623-34631(2014)

Yara-Varón E; Eras J; Torres M; Villorbina G; Espart A; Canela-Garayoa R. Entrapment in polymeric material of resting cells of Aspergillus flavus with lipase activity. Applications to the synthesis of ethyl laurate. RSC Advances 4, 38418-38424 (2014)

Dolcet MM; Torres M; Canela R. Effect of fungal mycelia on the HPLC-UV and UV-vis spectrophotometric assessment of mycelium-bound epoxide hydrolase using glycidyl phenyl ether. New Biotechnology 33, 449-459 (2016)


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