Food Technology Department


Personnel in Food Tech Department belongs to three collectives: Teaching and Research Staff (PDI), Administration and Services Personnel (PAS) and Predoctoral Staff in Formation.

PDI has as main functions to develop all necessary activities related with generation of knowledge, and its transmission, diffusion and application. Their daily activity is shared in teaching, research, innovation and knowledge transfer, and management. All PDI has full teaching and research capacity. Innovation activities imply to push the application of knowledge towards the society in general and the economic stakeholders in particular, and must involve productive development and innovation processes.

PAS joins all personnel that doesn't have direct teaching and research activity assigned, but supports PDI both in teaching and research activities as well as in management.

Predoctoral Staff in Formation includes all predoctoral students enroled in any of the programs at the UdL Doctorate School, and carrying out their PhD thesis works in the FoodTech Department.


Staff Number
Teaching and research staff
Public employees
Professor 22
Lecturer 0
Contracted lecturers
Lecturer 0
Temporary lecturer 0
Collaborating lecturer on an open-ended contract 13
Adjunct lecturer 0
Postdoctoral researchers 5
Administrative and service staff
Administrative office 1
Research support 2
Others 2
Trainee research staff
Trainee research staff 11


Last modified: 15/02/2018
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