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The Food Technology Department (FoodTech) of University of Lleida has a strong projection in scientific research, which imply actively all its PDI staff. FoodTech members belong to three groups of XaRTA network in food research promoted by the Catalan Government: one in Vegetal Products Technology, another one in Postharvest and a third one in Novel Tecnologies to Obtain Food Products and Ingredients, being recognised at the same time as Consolidated Quality research groups by the Catalan Government.

FoodTech department has been recognised as the first research center in Food Technology in Catalonia, and 5th in Spain, through independent assessments of all scientific disciplines by the Ranking I-UGR for the period 2009-2013.

FoodTech counts at this moment on the following areas of priority:

- Antioxidants.
- Nutritional Quality of Foods.
- Food Engineering and Enzimolog.
- Applied Mycology.
- New Technologies in Food Processing.
- Postharves.

This research is carried out in the facilities that FoodTech has in Buildings 2, 5 and 5b in the campus ETSEA of UdL, and as well in the Pilot Plant belonging to FoodTech itself.

By another hand, some FoodTech members are part of Agrotecnio, a recently created centre whose mission is to carry out research of excellence and solving problems in the food and agriculture fields, socially relevant. Besides, this centre contributes to the formation of a next generation of scientists specialised in food chain, safey and food processing.

Part of the FoodTech research staff carries out its research at the Fruitcentre, belonging to IRTA, in which they participate in the following research lines:

- Quality of fruits and technology of cold storage.
- Biological control and food safety in postharvest of fruits.


Last modified: 11/03/2019
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